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EU Japan flags on containers

EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, an important step forward

Leading S&D MEPs today welcomed the signing of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and will now examine the final text in detail. The S&D Group fights for a progressive trade agenda...
ACP and EU flags

More transparency in EU negotiations with third countries - S&Ds welcome the publication of EU mandate for the post-Cotonou Agreement

The S&D Group welcomes the publication yesterday by the Council of the recently adopted negotiating directives for the future partnership agreement between the European Union and the African,...
EU Flag : S&D Group: "We will support Jean-Claude Juncker if he respects our policy programme for change"

S&Ds president Udo Bullmann: "We will not allow our values to be undermined by people like Trump and Putin"

"The US and the Russian President have a lot in common: they both try to sell a meeting without concrete results as a success and they have both become a risk to Europe – Trump with his...
 Triton, the new Frontex mission in the Mediterranean. migration

Los eurodiputados y las eurodiputadas del Grupo S&D celebran un acuerdo histórico de Naciones Unidas sobre la migración

Después de que las Naciones Unidas alcanzaran un acuerdo sobre un pacto internacional para gestionar la migración, la vicepresidenta del Grupo S&D responsable de Asuntos Exteriores y Derechos...
Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

S&D Times - This week's highlights and what's coming up

Quote of the week by S&D Group president, Udo Bullmann "The world will not become a safer place with a US president who only calls for more and more military spending and alienates his closest...
Lady holding 2 tins of food looking at labels

No puede haber ni productos ni consumidores de segunda clase, dice el Grupo S&D

El Grupo S&D ha liderado hoy a una enorme mayoría en la comisión parlamentaria de Mercado Interior para garantizar que no haya doble vara de medir en cuanto a la calidad de los alimentos y otros...
Pittella: Trump is the expression of a virus spreading across the US and EU. The EU must now reform, abandon step-by-step policy and address people's concerns

“If we want to ensure peace, we have to defend democracies against Trumpism” says Bullmann

On the occasion of the NATO Summit, S&D-President Udo Bullmann says: “The world will not become a safer place with an US-President who only calls for more and more military spending and alienates...
Father and child

El Parlamento Europeo presenta propuestas ambiciosas para permitir que las madres, los padres y los cuidadores se tomen permisos de paternidad, parentales o para cuidar a familiares y amigos, y que estén justamente remunerados

Los eurodiputados y las eurodiputadas del Grupo S&D han liderado hoy a una mayoría en la comisión de Empleo y Asuntos Sociales pidiendo una Directiva sobre la conciliación de la vida profesional...