Gianni Pittella - My commitment and my vision for Europe

Plenary speeches and statements 2014 - 2017 by Gianni Pittella, S&D Group President.

I have devoted my life to Europe. Worked for Europe. Studied in order to further the European dream. This is the fulfilment of a dream for me now, as I lead the second largest parliamentary group in the European Parliament: the Socialists and Democrats.

The only group in which all 28 national delegations are represented. Over the past three years, we have navigated through turbulent waters. The challenges and threats we have faced have been much greater than those of the past. Brexit, terrorism, the migration crisis, the economic crisis, LuxLeaks and Panama papers, the rise of Eurosceptic, xenophobic and populist movements, blind austerity and the Greek bailout, not to mention human rights, Africa, climate change, trade agreements and institutional reforms.

We have reacted to each of these challenges with a sense of reasoned serenity and passionate determination. We have always tried to uphold the common good over selfish national desires, and the fundamental principles of the progressive family over neo-nationalist, racist or even simply conservative drives.

With our 189 Group members, supported by the Bureau, the Group Secretariat and my cabinet, we have worked to make our dream a reality, produce practical proposals and strengthen our forces. It hasn’t been easy. We haven’t always succeeded. But we have always fought together in the name of solidarity, rights and social and economic justice. Always.

This book gathers together some of the speeches from the past three years that have been delivered in the hemicycle at the most pertinent and dramatic times in the life of the European Parliament.

Our battles are your battles. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Together, we will make it!

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Plenary speeches and statements 2014 - 2017 by Gianni Pittella, S&D Group President