Relaunching Europe in Coimbra - A brighter future: Jobs for all

Relaunching Europe is heading to Coimbra, Portugal for a lively and open debate on the fight against unemployment and how to help people back on the road to work.

Come and join the discussion with leading experts, citizens and decision makers from all around Europe, to share your experience and views! Your opinion is all that matters.

Today, 26 million Europeans are without a job, while millions of others work for a meagre salary. Young people are not spared: one in four young Europeans is currently unemployed. In Portugal, 36% of young people struggle to find a decent job, with many leaving the country in search for better opportunities abroad.

The blind austerity imposed by the conservative Troika has an overwhelming responsibility in this disaster and it is time now to bring about change and solidarity in Europe.

So how do we go from there? Is education the only response? Are we doing enough to support entrepreneurs and citizens with ideas? What will it take to create more jobs?…

The floor is yours! Everybody is welcome to this free event. For organisational purposes, we just kindly ask that you register to the event.

Journalist António PEREZ METELO will moderate the debate! The full list of speakers and the programme will soon be available. Don’t miss the reception and the get-together after the event!

Audio translation during the event will be provided in Portuguese and Engish.

Practical details:

“A brighter future: Jobs for all”
14 March 2014, 17h (doors open at 16h)
Fundacao Bossaya Barreto, Coimbra, Portugal

Guest speakers include:

Hannes SWOBODA // President of the S&D Group
Manuel MACHADO // Mayor of Coimbra
Edite ESTRELA // President of the Portuguese Socialist Delegation, S&D Group
Bernadette SÉGOL // General Secretary of European Trade Union Confederation
Dominic HANNIGAN TD // Chair of the EU Affairs Committee, Ireland
João PROENÇA // Syndicalist and Secretary of the Portuguese Socialist Party
Alejandro CERCAS // Member of the European Parliament
Eurico DIAS // Academic and Secretary of Portuguese Socialist Party
Maria João RODRIGUES // Policy Advisor and Professor of European Economic Policies, Université Libre de Bruxelles

And YOU!

More speakers to be announced soon

The event will also be video broadcasted live on the Relaunching Europe website. If you can’t make it to Coimbra, you will still be able to participate live and voice your comments and questions via Twitter using #RelaunchEU and Facebook.

We look forward to having you join the discussion!