S&D Conference : Committing the new Commission to social Europe

Europe continues to face massive challenges not least how to restore sustainable growth and the creation of quality jobs, how to regulate an increasingly European labour market and how to revive and secure Europe’s industrial base while tackling climate change. These are the huge tasks facing the new European Commission which will take office in 2014 in a context where the European Social model, based on solidarity and co-operation, is under severe strain.

To discuss these issues and show that there can be a different Europe from the stumbling failure we have seen in recent years, the Socialists and Democrats will organise a conference: 

19 February - From 3pm to 6pm
Altiero Spinelli Building - Room A3G-2
European Parliament - Interpretation available

The conference will focus on three areas that cry out for urgent change: ensuring fair competition with respect for labour and social standards in a developing European labour market; promoting quality regulation that serves the interests of workers and businesses, and re-thinking and developing a European industrial policy fit for the future and the climate.

The conference will be organised around three panels:

1. Fair competition in the single market
2. Regulation without red tape
3. A European Industrial policy fit for the future and the planet

Each panel will consist of a trade union and employer representative and an expert, and time will be allowed for discussion with the participants.



In case you need an entrance badge, please send your name, date of birth, nationality and number of passport/identity card to: sonia.chapotel@europarl.europa.eu

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