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S&D MEP István Ujhelyi proposes an agenda for the future of mobility in the EU

Transport is undergoing a profound transformation, both due to the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy and to digitalisation. The S&D Group is leading the EU in a long-term vision...
Greece and EU flags in Greece

Time to turn the page of austerity and build a stable and sustainable future for Greece, says Udo Bullmann

Ahead of today's crucial Eurogroup meeting, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann calls on the Eurogroup to reach a workable agreement for a fair exit of Greece from its current adjustment programme. S...
ACP and EU flags

S&Ds: With the post-Cotonou Agreement, the EU must invest more in cooperation with ACP to face common challenges together

“At the end of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly held in Brussels amongst European Union, African, Caribbean and Pacific countries representatives, the S&D Group reiterates its commitment to reach...
European Council logo

S&Ds call, with other pro-European forces, for breakthrough on migration challenge at next EU Council

Today, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have, together with the Parliamentary groups of Greens and ALDE, issued a joint letter calling on president Tusk to take all the...
Celebration of the UN Refugee day Wednesday 20-6

EU must remain a region that welcomes those fleeing war, persecution and terror

On the occasion of UN World Refugee Day, leading S&D MEPs have urged national leaders to ensure that EU remains a region that welcomes those fleeing war, persecution and terror. The call came...
Gloved hand testing microbes and lots of test tubes

S&Ds demand an EU-wide strategy and more funding to fight antimicrobial resistance

The misuse of antibiotics is eroding their efficacy and leading to the spread of highly resistant bacteria, to the extent that it has become a threat to humankind. Today, the environment and health...
Energy poverty broken ligth bulb

Final deal is reached for a new governance of the EU Energy Union

Socialists and Democrats welcome the agreement reached yesterday evening between the European Parliament and the EU Council for a new Governance of the Energy Union Regulation. In the absence of...
We need to bring copyright into the 21st Century, Alessia Mosca, rights of creators and inventors and consumers,

S&D Group ensures fair remuneration for authors and performers in reform of EU copyright laws

The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs today backed proposals to update the EU’s copyright rules for the digital age. The S&D Group managed to secure significant improvements to the...