Initiatives and Activities

The S&D Group's MEPs work hard to support many campaigns and initiatives, highlighting important causes and bringing people together to find better solutions for the key problems we face in Europe. Read more about these activities below and find out how you can get involved.

Social rights are back on the European agenda, but concrete action is urgently needed, say S&Ds

Social Rights

TOGETHER FOR A SOCIALLY JUST EUROPEEurope must rise to the challenge of a new era. Faced with growing inequalities and many changes, from globalisation and economic uncertainty to digitisation and new technologies, we must embrace new opportunities but defend our values. This means securing and updating fundamental social standards for everyone. The European social model is about your job, your #SocialRights and your future. It’s about creating a fair and decent society where everyone...
End Energy Poverty Initiatives

End Energy Poverty

Today, over 50 million Europeans are forced to live their lives in energy poverty. This means that they are not able to pay for the electricity and gas they need, which can have serious effects on their health and wellbeing.Clean and affordable energy is a basic right for every European citizen – no one should be left in the cold!The European Commission has launched a plan for a European Energy Union which aims to ensure a sustainable, affordable and secure energy mix. We fully support...

School of Democracy

School of Democracy, 19 to 22 April 2017 - Our 3rd edition!Share your opinions with other young people on issues such as the role of Europe in the world, development, migration, fair trade, democratic challenges and experiences and the rise of illiberal democracy.The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are deeply committed to the promotion of equal opportunities, diversity and multiculturalism. Therefore, feel free to tell us more about your economic, social and...

Europe Together

TOGETHER - A new direction for a progressive Europe - Stand up for our future! The crises and difficulties that our Union has been facing during the last years need no introduction. Unemployment, the eurozone crises, Brexit, growing populism and anti-European feelings, large refugee and migration inflows, geopolitical insecurity, extreme right-wing politics and the rise of post-factual politics, to name a few. It would seem that half a century of European Union accomplishments are not...

Digital Union

An inclusive Digital Union for EuropeEurope is undergoing a digital revolution. We can see its impact on our daily lives: from online voting to faster broadband, from better ways to communicate to online shopping, and from useful digital tools to new hi-tech industries and jobs.We welcome the opportunities this revolution offers for all European citizens and want to tackle potential challenges head on.
S&Ds: EU Trust Fund for Africa must put the people first


NEWS: S&Ds win the first battle for justice on the traceability of conflict minerals Over the last two years, we have fought a lonely but ethical political battle to ban 'conflict minerals' – sources of minerals which feed conflict and violence – from the European market. Finally, thanks to the stubbornness and political commitment of S&D Group leader Gianni Pittella, our spokesperson on conflict minerals Marie Arena and the S&D chair of the international trade committee...
Taxes must be paid where profits are made to fight tax evasion by multinationals, #TaxJustice, TaxJustice, Hugues Bayet, LuxLeaks and Panama Papers scandals, fight tax evasion, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),


Ordinary taxpayers have paid dearly for the irresponsible gambles of greedy bankers, while for the richest few, paying tax can be carefully avoided.Too many big corporations and rich individuals are getting away with exploiting legal loopholes, shopping around for the most favourable jurisdictions and hiding money offshore in tax havens.Europe needs #TaxJustice.

Our fight, Women's Rights

Equality between women and men is a fundamental right recognised in the Treaty of Rome of 1957 and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.Although the EU has adopted many texts to promote equal opportunities, ensure fair treatment for men and women, and combat all forms of discrimination, nowhere near enough progress has been made and women still face many daily inequalities.The S&D Group wants an inclusive and equal Europe for everyone. There is still a long way to go.