Central and Eastern Europe under the spotlight at the progressive economy conference, 4 October, Budapest

Progressive Economy Conference - Failed Austerity: new progressive economic perspectives in the member states of central and eastern Europe

Joining the eurozone could be beneficial both for the EU and its member states in central and eastern Europe, but the catching-up process of these member states must be sped up. This is one of the key recommendations of a special study devoted to the economic performance and prospects of the central and eastern EU member states.

The study, produced by the Hungarian economic institute (GKI) with the backing of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, will be at the heart of a high-level conference to be held Friday 4 October 2013 in Budapest by the Progressive Economy initiative*.

For the first time, the Progressive Economy's conference will focus exclusively on the economic and social challenges of eastern European member states.

S&D Group leader Hannes Swoboda said: "Since the outbreak of the crisis in 2008, the focus has been almost exclusively on eurozone countries and their problems. Little attention has been paid to the social and economic conditions of the central and eastern countries. This study is meant to fill that gap."

The conference will gather leading voices such as Hannes Swoboda, the president of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, Attila Mesterházy, president of the MSZP party and László Andor, the European commissioner for employment and social affairs, along with experts and policymakers from across the region and from other parts of Europe.

The conference "Failed austerity: new progressive economic perspectives in the member states of central and eastern Europe" will take place at the MSZP headquarters - Jokai Street 6, 1066 Budapest.

Hannes Swoboda and Attila Mesterházy will hold a joint press conference at 13:30 in the MSZP headquarters.

The conference will be web-streamed on the S&D Group's website: www.socialistsanddemocrats.eu

The full programme of the conference is available here: http://www.progressiveeconomy.eu/content/progressive-economy-conference-failed-austerity-new-progressive-economic-perspectives-member

The study is accessible here: http://www.progressiveeconomy.eu/sites/default/files/Paper-GKI-Economic-Research.pdf

*The Progressive Economy is an initiative of the S&D Group in the European Parliament which aims to generate an informed debate on economic issues with public and leading academics, at a European, national and global level.