EU budget: S&D Euro MPs reject package proposed by the Irish presidency

EU budget: S and D Euro MPs reject package proposed by the Irish presidency

S&D Euro MPs today unanimously rejected the current package proposed by the Irish presidency on the EU budget for 2014-2020.  They urged the Irish presidency to come up with new proposals that respond to the European Parliament's concerns.
Said S&D Group leader Hannes Swoboda:

"Following the final talks held on 20 June, the S&D Group has given a clear signal that the package is not good enough. Some progress has been made but it remains insufficient.
"Although the Irish presidency did not always play fair with us and did not move far enough in the direction of the European Parliament's demands, we are ready for a compromise.
"But it must be a compromise in the interests of citizens, aiming clearly at improving the employment situation, particularly for the young in Europe."
Said S&D Group negotiator Ivailo Kalfin:
"From the very beginning of the negotiations we have made clear what the cornerstones of a functional and efficient European budget must be.
"We want to secure ongoing funding to fight youth unemployment. The Council have agreed to bring forward the funding to make an impact immediately but we still have no guarantees that further funds can be found to support the youth guarantee over the seven-year period.
"We need full flexibility in the use of European resources to maximise the potential of a very tight budget.
"We are calling for a genuine binding mid-term revision.
"We also reject the drop in the funding over the period particularly for those areas that will contribute to boost growth and job creation.

"In any case, the European Parliament can't give its consent without resolving the issue of the unpaid bills for 2013."