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Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

S&Ds - Weekly Update. This week's highlights and what's coming up

Quote of the week by acting S&D leader, Maria João Rodrigues "The Europe of tomorrow must be a social one. Investment in jobs, fighting youth unemployment, ensuring the rights of the children,...
2 men in yellow chemical suits

The S&Ds call for a full investigation into the use of a military-grade nerve agent in the UK

The S&D Group strongly condemns the use of a military-grade nerve agent as a chemical weapon in the UK. This was an unprecedented attack on civilians in Europe. We call for all the necessary...
Sheep squashed in lorry on road

S&Ds: Live animal transport must be humane. Animal welfare and food quality can’t be sacrificed

Following the revelation of abuses of the current legislation on transporting live animals, reported by the Animal Welfare Intergroup in the European Parliament, the S&D Group urges the European...
President Duterte of the Philippines

President Duterte of the Philippines must be held accountable

The S&D Group strongly criticises the decision made by president Rodrigo Duterte to pull the Philippines out of the international criminal court (ICC). There is no doubt that this decision - made...
#TAX JUSTICE in front of large company buildings

S&D Euro MPs pushed towards harmonised corporate taxation to end tax race to the bottom

Today, S&D Euro MPs backed a set of proposals to upgrade the tax system in Europe and to ensure that tech giants such as Google and Facebook pay their fair share of tax. The common corporate tax...
Turkey Flag over Ankara in Turkey

The European Union failed to use its leverage over Ankara

The S&D Group is disappointed by the conclusions of the European Court of Auditors report on Turkey published today, which states that EU funding to Turkey had barely addressed fundamental...