Pittella: Labour campaign is right - UK is simply better off in

S&D Group president Gianni Pittella today led a delegation of senior S&D MEPs in a visit to London to meet with UK Labour politicians, Trade Union representatives and leaders of the Britain Stronger In and Labour In campaigns.  

Gianni Pittella was joined by S&D bureau members Tanja Fajon, Maria João Rodrigues, Isabelle Thomas, Kathleen Van Brempt, Josef Weidenholzer, Péter Niedermüller and the head of the UK Labour delegation to the European Parliament Glenis Willmott.

S&D Group President Gianni Pittella said: 

"United we are simply better off: more international stability, more economic prosperity, more social and working rights ensured. There is not  a single good reason for leaving. We appreciate and fully support the efforts by UK Labour and the 'In campaign' to inform people about the historical meaning of the choice at the referendum.

"Is Europe perfect? No, but it is still the best option we have to preserve peace, to face global challenges and to ensure that workers and entrepreneurs have access to a  single market of 500 million people. Together we are capable of changing it for the better. Together we will be better able to fight for a progressive Europe."