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plenary seats parliament

S&Ds back a more representative Parliament and pave way for transnational lists of MEPS

The European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee today backed a report outlining the make-up of the Parliament for the 2019 European elections. The main question for the report was how to...
Turkish assault on the Syrian border enclave of Afrin

S&Ds express serious concerns about Turkish military action in northern Syria

The S&Ds are very concerned about the Turkish assault on the Syrian border enclave of Afrin, one of the territories held by the Coalition-backed Syrian Kurdish Group. S&D Group vice-president...
China imports in containers - anti-dumping

We want to protect European jobs and industries against dumped imports, say S&Ds

The European Parliament’s international trade committee today adopted a deal struck between Euro MPs and EU ministers in December of last year on combatting unfair cheap imports. Under the informal...
island and tree and eradicate tax havens under it

EU's credibility in the fight against tax evasion in question if blacklist of tax havens is butchered, say S&Ds

S&D Euro MPs have warned that the EU will lose credibility if European finance ministers decide to remove half of the non-cooperative jurisdictions tomorrow, just one month after drawing up a...
Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

S&D Times - This week's highlights and what's coming up

Quote of the week We must develop ambitious measures to ensure that the rights of young people, such as decent working conditions, access to social protection and adequate remuneration are always...
S&Ds: The Congolese cannot wait any longer

S&Ds: The Congolese cannot wait any longer

In the face of the dramatic political and humanitarian situation in which the Democratic Republic of Congo is plunged, today the European Parliament – on the initiative of the S&D Group – has...
EP building with The Marrakesh Treaty on it

Marrakesh treaty will help bring new works to blind and visually impaired people

The European Parliament today backed the signing of the Marrakesh treaty that will help improve the availability and cross-border exchange of published works for blind and visually impaired people. S...