Rehn to go head-to-head with S&Ds on saving Europe's economy

Progressive Economy

For the second time, and just two weeks after the publication of the European Commission's forecasts, the Progressive Economy* will present its alternative forecasts and economic recommendations during a two-day conference on 4-5 December in Brussels.

S&D Group president Hannes Swoboda and progressive members of national parliaments and of the European Parliament will open the discussions with a critical debate on Europe’s economic future with Commissioner Olli Rehn on the afternoon of Wednesday 4 December.

The entire conference will be web-streamed live on the S&D Group website:

The 2014 Independent Annual Growth Survey (iAGS) will provide analysis, forecasts and policy recommendations on macro-economic perspectives, rising inequalities in the labour market, wage developments and proposals for eurozone governance.

On Thursday morning, participants will discuss the role of tax policy in fighting inequalities and in supporting sustainable growth and jobs. Key speakers will include Xavier Harel, journalist and author of the TV documentary 'Evasion fiscale – le hold up du siècle' and Professor Thomas Piketty.

Paul Magnette, senator and president of the Belgian socialist party will conclude the conference.

The full programme of the Progressive Economy conference is available here:

1st annual Progressive Economy parliamentary conference
European Parliament – Paul-Henri Spaak building – Room 3C050
4 December 2013 14:30-18:00 and 5 December 2013 09:00-14:00
More information at:

Each year, three respected economic institutes (OFCE, IMK and ECLM) will publish an Independent Annual Growth Survey (iAGS), with an independent set of analyses and recommendations to provide an alternative to the European Commission’s own Annual Growth Survey, which now defines the economic policy strategies of the EU and the member states. The first iAGS was published by the three institutes in November 2012. Find out more here:

* The Progressive Economy is an initiative of the S&D Group in the European Parliament which aims to generate a truly public and informed debate on economic policy at European and national, as well as global levels.