S&Ds disappointed by EU governments’ lack of action to save the steel industry

S&Ds disappointed by EU governments’ lack of action to save the steel industry, S&D MEP Edouard Martin, sustainable base-metal industry, China, deindustrialisation, anti-dumping measures, carbon-price adjustment across borders, Dan Nica MEP, base-metals i

Following a meeting of EU industry ministers in Brussels yesterday, the Group of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have expressed their dismay at the lack of concrete and urgent action to save the steel industry, despite the demands of citizens and European workers.

S&D MEP Edouard Martin, author of the report calling for a sustainable base-metal industry, said:

"The results are disappointing. There is no emergency action. Even though China has announced its willingness to reduce its over-production, the Chinese authorities admit that this will take time. And so far this reduction has been promised for ten years and hasn't happened! Today, Chinese over-production is estimated to be 350 million tonnes – which is two years' worth of European consumption (170 million tonnes per year). How can these pathetic little measures help us face the growing steel imports (around 2 million tonnes per month) which carry the seeds of our own deindustrialisation?

"What about preventive anti-dumping measures and a drastic speeding up of these procedures? What about China's market economy status? What about carbon-price adjustment across borders to ensure there is a balance between European producers and global competitors?"

S&D spokesperson on energy and industry, Dan Nica MEP, added:

"Since 2008, more than 60,000 direct jobs and 100,000 indirect jobs have been lost. We cannot wait any longer. The base-metals industry is fundamental to the survival of European industry.

"The European Union needs a solid and competitive industry, with quality jobs, so we need to bring our steel industry back to competitiveness.

"The Council holds the future of the steel industry in its hands and by refusing to address its urgent needs today has shown a tremendous lack of commitment."