Swoboda on German elections: "Only a grand coalition can bring stability"

Europäisches Semester: „Keine Rettung ohne Wachstum“, warnt Hannes Swoboda

Indicative results for the German parliamentary elections show that the conservative-liberal coalition under Chancellor Merkel cannot be continued. With approximately 26%, the centre-left SPD substantially improved its results from the 2009 elections.

Hannes Swoboda, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, said:

"I encourage the SPD to take up the mandate the voters have given them and demonstrate responsibility within a grand coalition. Only a grand coalition can now bring stability – provided Angela Merkel accepts the SPD's calls for socially balanced reforms and for a more socially just Europe. There is an urgent need for a social-democratic influence in the next German government, to achieve progressive European reforms as well as more social equality in Germany.

"The option of an absolute majority government by the CDU/CSU would be a risk for Germany and Europe. A stable government and important reforms and votes cannot depend on a one-vote majority.

"Germany, Europe's largest country and economy, has suffered under the conservative-liberal government of the last four years. The rift between rich and poor is increasing and more and more people are underemployed or among the 'working poor'.

"The SPD, led by Peer Steinbrück, fought a tough campaign for social equality and fairness in Germany and Europe. I warmly congratulate the German Social-Democrats on the very encouraging results and the trust shown by German voters."