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EU Polish flag and RULE OF LAW IN POLAND

Udo Bullmann to Polish Prime Minister: stop dismantling democracy in Poland!

Today’s debate in the European Parliament on the future of Europe with the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, came at a very troubling time for Polish democracy. Just yesterday, a new law...

Unpaid internships in the European Parliament and elsewhere must be banned, say S&Ds

On the S&Ds initiative, last night the European Parliament’s Bureau adopted principles on the framework reform for internships. Under the new rules, MEPs would be able to offer three types of...
work life balance

Council must move ahead to secure the rights of parents and carers across the EU without further delay, say S&Ds

In an open letter , ahead of the Employment and Social Affairs Council meeting of 21 June, S&D Euro MPs are calling on EU ministers to unblock the negotiations on the Work-Life Balance Directive...
Card with ratify istanbul Convention

First anniversary of the EU’s signature of the Istanbul Convention: Member states must ratify it without further delay

On the first anniversary of the accession of the EU to the Istanbul Convention, the S&Ds are calling on member states to ratify it as soon as possible and to speed up the negotiations to allow...
Drone flying near airplane in sunset

Aircrafts and drones will fly safer in the future, says S&D MEP Gabriele Preuss

After almost two years of negotiations, the European Parliament today will vote on a new European Aviation Safety Agency Basic Regulation (EASA Regulation). S&Ds insisted on the need to improve...