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S&Ds broker agreement with pilots for fairly balanced flight and rest times

S&Ds broker agreement with pilots for fairly balanced flight and rest times

Today the European Parliament finally supported a regulation proposed by the Commission on the flying and rest time of pilots and cabin crew in Europe, after an agreement was reached this morning...

The EU must act against gendercide

The European Parliament today called on governments to take action against 'gendercide', which refers to the systematic, deliberate and gender-based mass killing of people because of their sex...
Relaunching Europe in Helsinki

S&D Group: "We need equal opportunities for young people in Hungary – not conditions which force them to leave"

At another of its Relaunching Europe events yesterday in Szeged, Hungary, the S&D Group discussed the topic: 'A brighter future for young Hungarians: education and jobs for the next generation'...
The Threshold of the Desert

S&D Euro MPs back women's empowerment in the Arab world

S&D Euro MPs today discussed the living conditions of women in the Arab world with representatives from the United Nations, the World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and...
Seminar on Women's Empowerment in the Arab World

S&D Euro MPs address women's empowerment in the Arab World

S&D Euro MPs will welcome members of the 'Threshold of the desert' project to raise awareness on the empowerment of women in the Arab world during a seminar to be held Wednesday 2 October in the...
Chancellor Fayman, Social Democratic Party (SPÖ)

Swoboda on Austrian election outcome: "No government with an anti-European majority"

Indicative results from the Austrian National Council elections yesterday saw the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) maintain its lead of 27.1%. The conservative ÖVP received 23.8%, a little ahead of the...
S&D Group spokesperson Alejandro Cercas

"The Conservatives have no lessons to give in the fight for equality at work", say S&D Euro MPs

S&D Euro MPs today vehemently dismissed right wing's accusations of "hypocrisy" or applying "double-standards" in the fight against discrimination in the field of employment policy. In a joint...