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Internet High Seed Broadband

Everyone in Europe should have access to high-speed broadband, say leading S&Ds

By 2020 all EU citizens should have access to internet speeds of above 30 Mbps and 50% or more of EU households should be able to subscribe to internet connections above 100 Mbps, according to a...
Roaming charges cut

S&Ds celebrate victory on net neutrality and end of roaming charges

The Socialists and Democrats voted in favour of the Single Telecoms Market after they secured a clear defence of net neutrality, something that the right-wing EPP rapporteur was willing to give up on...
Relaunching Europe - "Kiruna can be a model for new urban planning,"  say leading S&D members

"Kiruna can be a model for new urban planning," say leading S&D members

Sweden's Artic region produces 90% of all iron in Europe, creating wealth and jobs for many. However, the extension of this mining activity will force its main town, Kiruna, to move its city centre 3...
Pittella: We welcome the new approach to fair use of roaming and will verify the details, roam like at home,

S&Ds welcome end of roaming but will not yield on net neutrality

Today the industry committee in the European Parliament voted on the Telecoms Single Market regulation and measures to achieve a connected continent. The Socialists and Democrats welcomed...
Arctic issues Canada iceland

S&D Group: Europe should pay more attention to Arctic issues

The Arctic is increasingly on the international agenda. The S&D Group is taking the lead on addressing the challenges of the Arctic. Last Saturday, the S&D Group held the first international...
Our unions are right when they call for better protection for our industry, say S&Ds , dumping, #TTIP, trade defence instruments (TDIs), Alessia Mosca MEP, S&D spokesperson on international trade, David Martin,

S&Ds call for strong and quick action for Europe’s reindustrialisation

Today Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament welcomed the Commission’s proposal “for a European industrial renaissance”. The S&D Group has been calling for a long time on the...