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electric car charging

S&Ds regret Commission's lack of ambition on the Mobility Package

The second set of proposals for the Mobility Package presented today by the European Commission lacks ambition regarding CO 2 targets for cars and vans, according to the Socialists and Democrats in...
computer and person typing

E-Privacy: A victory for citizens’ interests over lobbying efforts of big business

The European Parliament in Strasbourg today voted in favour of starting negotiations with the Council and Commission over new rules to give citizens control over how their confidential information...
man spraying glyphosate herbicide

S&Ds win a big parliamentary victory to phase out glyphosate

Led by the Socialists and Democrats, the European Parliament today passed a resolution refusing the 10-year glyphosate licence renewal proposed by the European Commission. Instead, the European...
Man spraying Glyphosate herbicide on fields

S&Ds make public health the priority and want the EU to phase out glyphosate

The Socialists and Democrats in the environment and health committee in the European Parliament today voted on a resolution to phase out glyphosate within three years. This substance is the most...
Smart buildings energy graph

S&Ds push for smart buildings that will save energy and contribute to clean transport

Buildings eat up around 40% of the total energy used in the European Union and a big part of it still relies on fossil fuels. Improving building energy performance would lead to lower energy bills...
Globe and telecoms arrows pointing out of globe

Competition and consumer rights must be ensured by new EU telecoms rules, say S&Ds

Sweeping innovation keeps changing the telecoms landscape and demands an urgent update of the EU regulatory framework, which was last revised in 2009. Yesterday evening the industry and research...