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S&D Hearing on refugee sponsorship

Sponsorship and grass root efforts key for integrating refugees

S&D MEPs are calling for more support to be given to communities and refugees working to integrate newly arrived refugees into their societies. That was the message to come out of two seminars in...
man holding envelope with lots of cash

Parliament backs new rules on cash entering and leaving the EU

Today large sums of cash are often used for criminal activities, such as money laundering or terrorism, because cash is easily transferable and very difficult to trace. This is why people carrying...
PES Lisbon

Pittella: A common progressive candidate for European Commission presidency is a victory for democracy and the EU

Following the PES Council in Lisbon and the decision to preserve the Spitzenkandidaten system for the election of the next president of the European Commission, the S&D leader, Gianni Pittella,...