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Media freedon, Tunisia

S&D Group calls for the implementation of the new regulatory framework for press freedom in Tunisia

While the general strike observed by the media on 17 September in Tunisia showed the sector’s strength, the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament remains attentive to the...
DEMOS - Democracy in Europe. Backsliders  - Swoboda & Democracy

Corruption, political instability and intolerance: Europe’s decade of decline

Demos produces the first ever Index to measure democracy specific to EU Wide-reaching analysis reveals Europe’s most and least democratic countries Report comes a few days after also European...
Police arrest

Swoboda welcomes European Arrest Warrant agreement between Croatia and EU Commission

After several weeks of discussions, the Croatian government and the European Commission found an agreement to fully implement the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) at the latest by 1 January 2014. Hannes...
Roma data protection

Swoboda slams Swedish police for illegal Roma database: "Diametrically opposed to European principles"

Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter has revealed that the police have a database of around 4,000 Roma who live in Sweden. The data is kept in the form of a genealogical tree, tracking family ties...

Relaunching Europe creates sparks in Helsinki

Who said that the Finns are always serious and not talkative? Whoever it was should have come to the Musiikkitalo in Helsinki, the stylish music hall in Finland’s capital where the Relaunching Europe...
Europäisches Semester: „Keine Rettung ohne Wachstum“, warnt Hannes Swoboda

Swoboda on German elections: "Only a grand coalition can bring stability"

Indicative results for the German parliamentary elections show that the conservative-liberal coalition under Chancellor Merkel cannot be continued. With approximately 26%, the centre-left SPD...
Relaunching Koblenz – Shaping Our Digital Workplace

Relaunching Europe with more democratic participation and a strong social dimension

With a call for greater democratisation and renewal of the European project, the S&D Group continued its series of conversations with citizens in Helsinki, Finland yesterday. Speaking at the...
Police arrest

Swoboda on Croatian implementation of European Arrest Warrant

The European Commission has launched the first steps of a procedure against Croatia under article 39 of the Accession Treaty. Three days before joining the European Union in July 2013, Croatia...