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lorries, co2 emmissions on motorway

S&Ds vote down attempts to undermine workers' rights in the road transport sector

After a long political battle, today the European Parliament rejected the attempts to further liberalise professional road transport and to weaken existing rights. Led by progressive MEPs, the...

S&D MEP István Ujhelyi proposes an agenda for the future of mobility in the EU

Transport is undergoing a profound transformation, both due to the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy and to digitalisation. The S&D Group is leading the EU in a long-term vision...
S&Ds regret that EPP and Liberals vote against mobile workers’ rights and safety, Transport Social Package, Ismail Ertug,

Lorries and buses should also contribute to less emissions and better air quality, say S&Ds

The EU is committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, and road transport must make a relevant contribution to this target. This is why today the plenary in Strasbourg will vote...
Drone flying near airplane in sunset

Aircrafts and drones will fly safer in the future, says S&D MEP Gabriele Preuss

After almost two years of negotiations, the European Parliament today will vote on a new European Aviation Safety Agency Basic Regulation (EASA Regulation). S&Ds insisted on the need to improve...
2 happy young europeans at a train station

S&D MEP István Ujhelyi welcomes the DiscoverEU programme – Free rail-pass Europe card for young Europeans

The idea of giving every young European a free rail-pass on their 18th birthday was launched by two young German activists, Vincent-Immanuel Herr and Martin Speer, and it was quickly supported by...
Watering can over eu map and words future of cohesion policy

S&Ds: 10 % less European investments through cohesion policy is a cut on taxpayer’s own finger

The legislative proposals for the future European Cohesion Policy 2021- 2027 pave the way for a more simple, innovative and secure investment programme for all the regions in Europe. However, the S...
Eurovignette logo

S&Ds want to replace the Eurovignette with a fairer system to charge road users

The high impact of road transport on the environment as well as the degradation of road infrastructure have a cost for society, but not everyone should pay for it, only those responsible. In fact,...