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plastic carrier shopping bags in trees

The food sector should also take responsibility for the overuse of plastic bags

Every five minutes, up to one million new plastic carrier bags are used in the European Union, and a large proportion are then thrown straight in the bin. Over eight billion plastic carrier bags are...
Internet High Seed Broadband

Everyone in Europe should have access to high-speed broadband, say leading S&Ds

By 2020 all EU citizens should have access to internet speeds of above 30 Mbps and 50% or more of EU households should be able to subscribe to internet connections above 100 Mbps, according to a...
Megatrucks, New lorry cab profile

No cross-border transport with megatrucks in the European Union

There will be no cross-border transport with longer and heavier trucks in the European Union, following a vote today by the European Parliament on a directive on the maximum weights and dimensions of...
Single European Sky (SES)

No more borders in the European Sky, say S&Ds

The European Parliament today adopted a report to implement the Single European Sky (SES), a project that the Socialists and Democrats have strongly supported since it was first launched in 2000. As...
better protected when buying package holidays

EU consumers will be better protected when buying package holidays

The European Parliament, with the support of S&D Euro MPs, today gave the green light to the directive on package holiday and assisted travel arrangements. This text updates existing consumer...
Abolishing visas is a big step for Moldovans, Schengen

Abolishing visas is a big step for Moldovans on their European journey

The European Parliament today gave the green light to granting Moldovan citizens who have a biometric passport the right to visa-free access in the 26 countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days...
Single European railway area

S&Ds defend enhanced safety and workers' rights in new railway legislation

The European railway network will soon be improved with better inter-operability, enhanced safety, more transparent information for users and clearer labour rights for workers, following the vote...