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Israel and EU flags on wall

S&Ds: On the expulsion of Bedouin communities from the occupied Palestinian territory, Israel shows not to be a healthy democracy

Following continuous pressure by Israeli authorities on Bedouin communities in the Negev and the West Bank, the forcible transfer of Bedouin families and the plan to dismantle the village of Khan al-...
Mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation

Accidental Americans: EU must stand up to US over double taxation of EU citizens

S&D MEPs today called for the European Commission to act to protect EU citizens affected by the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The US is one of only two countries in the world to...
The Hague event

S&Ds in The Hague today: Fair taxes for all! Let’s fight for this #EuropeTogether!

In the wake of recurrent tax evasion and tax avoidance scandals, and a year before the European elections, the S&D Group holds, with its partners, a TOGETHER conference in The Hague today on the...
Trees like greek and EU flags with roots joining hands

S&Ds welcome agreement on Greece and call for the EMU to become an engine for growth and sustainable development

During a debate in the European Parliament on the conclusion of the third economic adjustment programme for Greece, S&D MEPs called for an ambitious reform of the European Monetary Union to...
lorries, co2 emmissions on motorway

S&Ds vote down attempts to undermine workers' rights in the road transport sector

After a long political battle, today the European Parliament rejected the attempts to further liberalise professional road transport and to weaken existing rights. Led by progressive MEPs, the...

Parliament backs reform to make EU elections more transparent and democratic

Today, the European Parliament with an absolute majority of its component members passed a reform of EU electoral law, strengthening the European dimension of EU elections and rendering them more...
EU Polish flag and RULE OF LAW IN POLAND

Udo Bullmann to Polish Prime Minister: stop dismantling democracy in Poland!

Today’s debate in the European Parliament on the future of Europe with the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, came at a very troubling time for Polish democracy. Just yesterday, a new law...