Investing in young people and education

Youth crisis and education

Sky-rocketing youth unemployment rates in the EU and young people demonstrating in the streets of once wealthy and prosperous European countries show the damage this economic crisis – and its mishandling by Europe's conservative leaders – has done.  The younger generation should hold the keys to our future and we are campaigning relentlessly to make sure they get the future they deserve. 

The S&D Group is pressing for more EU action and investment to improve and expand our education and training systems at all levels. We believe Europe has to improve the quality of schooling, rethink the skills needed for the current and future labour market, promote vocational education and training, expand traineeships and internships and support partnerships with business, safeguard the Erasmus scheme, make the Youth Guarantee a reality, encourage and invest in education and youth work mobility and promote life-long learning and media literacy for all. 

Read more about the S&D's initiative: Europe Back to Work - A 10 Point Plan for Change 

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