Leading the fight against climate change

Leading the fight against climate change

The Socialists and Democrats have a vision for a sustainable future: our ambition is to tackle climate change and leave a less polluted world for our children – and this goes hand-in-hand with tackling the financial crisis and creating sustainable new jobs.
We are fighting for a sustainable ‘New Deal’ to help tackle the financial crisis through a green recovery, promoting employment in environmental industries, new energies and energy efficiency. This can help Europe reach its long-term target of reducing CO2 emissions by at least 80% by 2050, compared to 1990 levels but it will require co-operation across society and increased investment.
Climate change is a key priority and involves an ongoing fight, but we're proud of our success – a ground-breaking European deal on climate change (the 2008 Climate and Energy Package).
The new laws will:

• force car companies to make cleaner cars – 95 gr CO2/km by 2020 (Regulation on emission performance standards for new cars)
• reduce industrial emissions through an improved 'cap and trade' system – from 2013 industries which produce CO2 will have to pay to pollute (Emissions Trading Directive)
• switch energy use to renewable energy sources including wind and solar, as well as innovative sustainable biofuels (Renewable Energy Directive)
• create binding targets for all EU countries to further reduce emissions at national level (Effort Sharing Decision 2012)

But the fight does not end here – we have built a progressive majority in the European Parliament to demand the European Council and the Commission to come forward with legislation to set ambitious and binding targets for GHG (greenhouse gas) reductions, renewables and energy efficiency for the period post-2020.

Find out more about our activities taking action on climate: Progressives4Climate  

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