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Free movement must be more fair, not less free: our alternative, progressive vision

  1. Free Movement of citizens and of workers is the core of EU citizenship and a pillar of the success of EU single market. To limit free movement would harm EU citizens and deprive them of a fundamental right. The real point is to do away with austerity and troikas, and to fight for a
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10 demands to fight social dumping and protect all workers

Equal work, equal right and fair competition must be at the heart of a well-functioning Single Market, not only to protect workers but also to protect small and medium enterprises, which are the main engine of job creation in Europe. However, the lacking ambition and dedication of the European...


Data protection

In a world built around online communication, the modernisation of data protection laws is a pressing need for Europe. Every day our data is processed and stored in an unprecedented scale by both the private and the public sector. Our personal data has become a commodity, which value has...

Napolitano Rome Publication

Speech by Giorgio Napolitano

Speech by Giorgio Napolitano.

Former president of the Italian republic, former socialist member of the European Parliament and president of the institutional affairs committee in the European Parliament

Countering Radical Right and Xenophobic Populism in Europe - A Progressive Response

Countering Radical Right and Xenophobic Populism in Europe - A Progressive Response

Countering Radical Right and Xenophobic Populism in Europe - A Progressive Response.

The rise of the far right and the worrying presence of the antiimmigrant sentiment across the EU draws attention to an urgent need for progressive forces to unite and counter the...

The S&D Group - Our Political Priorities

The S&D Group - Our Political Priorities

As Socialists and Democrats we are fully committed to an alternative to blind and counter-productive austerity. We’ve already had our first successes. Our call for an investment plan and greater flexibility in the implementation of fiscal rules to revive the European economy was heard. The...

No More Walls in Europe - #EUWakeUp, asylum, refugees, migration,

No More Walls in Europe - #EUWakeUp

We have to act now to save lives, save Schengen and save Europe.

Faced with the refugee crisis, European governments have failed miserably.  While European countries bicker amongst themselves, people are dying and Europe continues to disintegrate. We, the Socialists and Democrats in the...

Migrants and refugees’ rights and dignity must be respected, regardless their legal status, say S&Ds, S&D vice-president Elena Valenciano, #EuwakeUp,

Investing in a safe and inclusive European society: A European response to the refugee challenge

Europe faces several acute and inter-related challenges: large-scale arrivals of asylum-seekers, fragmentation of the Schengen area, wars and instability in neighbouring countries and a modest recovery which has not yet eased the insecurity created by the long economic crisis. Thousands of...