• How can we Relaunch Europe together?

    Across the European Union, leading politicians have been joining citizens, academics and cultural and social organisations in a series of events to discuss the future we want for Europe.

    With in-depth discussions that get to the heart of the issues that affect us all, we want to build an inspiring alternative vision for the future of Europe and its citizens.

    Each event focuses on a specific theme in order to explore the arguments and build our alternative vision for the future – step by step, debate by debate.

    Join us to build a brighter future for Europe!


A heartfelt 'thank you!' to all those who joined us in Porto for our latest debate!

You have all proved that the future of Europe is in good hands. We really appreciated your input and your questions and we can certainly say that Portugal is a country where democracy and freedom have not lost their meaning, a country where the young generation is ready to make a difference.

Time for a different Europe

Time for a change. Time for a new direction. The European Union is the most remarkable achievement of the past century, creating an unprecedented period of peace, democracy, co-operation and prosperity in Europe. Yet Europe is now in danger.

Euroscepticism, nationalism and populism are growing. For too many people stories about Europe are only about wasted public money and blind austerity imposed by obscure technocrats. And the crisis has also created dangerous divisions between richer and poorer countries and regions. As a result, people are too often seduced by destructive nationalist and anti-European messages.

But it’s unfair to simply blame Europe for the crisis. At EU and national level, the right-wing have blocked moves to regulate the financial markets, tried to make the internal market the sole purpose of Europe and undermined social justice and solidarity.

The answer to the crisis from the conservatives is yet more cuts in services and in investments – making ordinary people pay for the mess made by greedy bankers. They’re pushing our economy into a vicious circle of recession and using the crisis as an excuse to further dismantle our social system. It’s just plain wrong and it doesn’t work. The austerity experiment has now clearly failed in several countries.

We need a different Europe.

Our alternative

The Socialists and Democrats have plans for a faster, more secure way out of the crisis.

Our approach will create growth and jobs and reshape our economy for a fairer society. We have ambitious plans for investment in jobs and innovation, better regulation to control the markets and solidarity to make sure citizens can live decent lives and have hope for the future.

European policy must shift from a narrow, market-dominated focus to reflect European society and citizens’ concerns. We need a different balance between economic, social and environmental concerns, and a new sustainable balance between market forces and smart regulation.

This is the only fair way out of the crisis and the only way for a great idea like Europe to survive and flourish in the future!

We believe that the solution is not less Europe, but a closer, better Europe. We need your help to develop this idea and we want to learn from all of you, from your life experience and your expectations for a better life.


Relaunching the economy

  • We are just out of the biggest crisis seen in three generations. What have we learned from it?
  • Focusing on austerity will not solve the problem; investment and growth will.
  • We have invited you to debate this with us in Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia and Poland.

Relaunching youth employment

  • For the first time in history, the future of the younger generation is looking gloomy. How can we change it?
  • Making sure everyone gets decent work, addressing the 'brain drain', providing the right training, funding and mobility.
  • We've debated these topics with our friends in the UK, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.

Relaunching industry

  • In the past industry has played a key role in the development of society. Can we give it back this central role in a way that doesn't harm the environment?
  • We need diversification. We need a new and ambitious industrial policy, co-ordination between countries and high environmental and social standards.
  • This has been our main topic of debate in Germany and Austria.

Relaunching the digital economy

  • The digital revolution – a challenge or an opportunity?
  • Despite the common fear that digitising the way we work could take away the livelihoods of some workers, the digital revolution is an immense opportunity; one that Europe should not miss out on.
  • We have held a series of interesting debates on this topic, in Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

Relaunching democracy

  • What does democracy mean to you? Is it just about the right to vote and express your opinion?
  • It is so much more than that. It is what binds Europe together. Just imagine a life with no say in your society – a worrying vision of the future.
  • We've tackled this topic in debates in Italy and Finland.

Relaunching Europe's global role

  • Uncertain of Europe’s role in the world? Think again!
  • Climate change, energy, migration, financial markets, and global security - these are not topics that can be tackled by individual countries. We need to work together to achieve the results we strive for.
  • Our event in Germany explored the details of this topic.

Relaunching our planet

  • Still wondering if climate change is a myth?
  • Sadly, it's a harsh reality for many people around the globe. And don't just take our word for it – it's the overwhelming consensus among the experts. In addition, the effects of climate change may lead to more mass migration and social unrest. We need to act now and find solutions, not only at a local level, but more specifically on an EU and a global level.
  • What better place than Sweden to debate this issue? Our debate in Kiruna proved a fruitful and lively one.


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