S&D Conference: The Power and Perils of Propaganda

S&D Conference: The Power and Perils of Propaganda.


Tanja Fajon MEP, chair, S&D Working Group on Extremism, Populism, Nationalism and Xenophobia



Heather Grabbe, director, Open Society European Policy Institute



Propaganda Can Transform Neighbour into Enemy

  • Juan Fernando López Aguilar MEP, vice president, European Parliament Working Group on Antisemitism
  • Steven Luckert, curator, State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA
  • Frédéric Potier, Head of the French government’s committee against Antisemitism and racism
  • Mohamed El Bachiri, author, A Jihad for Love
  • Emrah Gürsel, Kreuzberg Initiative against Antisemitism, Berlin, Germany



Politics of History, Historical Revisionism and Manipulation of the Past

  • Péter Niedermüller MEP
  • Benjamin Fischer, public affairs officer, European Jewish Congress
  • Ivo Goldstein, professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Gadi Luzzatto Voghera, director, Centre of Contemporary Jewish Documentation, Milan, Italy
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S&D Conference: The Power and Perils of Propaganda