S&D Times - This week's highlights and what's coming up

Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

Quote of the week

Growing inequalities, the rise of right-wing populism, and attacks on our democracies by fake news, are a vital threat to the European project. We cannot and will not go on with business as usual. We need to reinvent Europe if we want to overcome the current crises and build a sustainable future for all Europeans.

- Udo Bullmann, replying to the State of the European Union address


Upcoming activities

Our President, Udo Bullmann, will be on mission in Greece next week Tuesday and Wednesday, to present our fight, our vision and our goals for a progressive Europe. He will be visiting Mati to show solidarity towards the Greek people, and urge the Commission to go ahead with resources to fight fires and he will be meeting with Yorgos Kaminis, Mayor of Athens.  

He will also take part in the PES leaders' meeting in Salzburg on Thursday. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter where we will react as soon as the action takes place!

From Monday, September 17, until Thursday September Josef Weidenholzer and Claude Moraes, from the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs will be on an important mission to Slovakia and Malta following the horrific murders of journalists in both countries last year. Our members will meet with journalists, government officials and NGOs. 

The Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EUROLAT) will be meeting in Vienna from 17th to the 20th of September. Francisco Assis and Ramón Jáuregui are leading the S&D delegation that will work with our Latin American counterparts to promote a progressive agenda to face together the challenges of globalisation. 

On Monday and Tuesday our #EuropeTogether Go Local team will be on tour in Finland and Estonia. On September 17th we will be in Helsinki to talk about Sustainable Development and the EU. The event will begin at 18.00 at the Kino Orion and will be followed by live music.

The following day our team will head to Voru, in Estonia, to discuss about Why Does the European Union Matter. Our team will be at the Navi Seltsimaja, the Navi village in the Voru municipality, also from 18.00.

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