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Viktor Orban in front of lots of Hungarian flags

S&Ds stand with protestors against Viktor Orbán's "slave law"

S&D MEPs today stressed their support for the peaceful protests in Hungary. Fifteen thousand people demonstrated in Budapest over the weekend against new laws that would allow employers to force...
A budget for the eurozone has become a necessity, say S&Ds, Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), &D MEP Pervenche Berès, Treaty of Rome, Paul Tang MEP, #TaxJustice,

S&Ds criticize lack of progress on Eurozone reforms

Following the conclusions of the Euro-Summit on the reform of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), S&D group president Udo Bullmann states: "While we welcome the fact that European leaders have...
European Council logo

S&Ds on the outcome of the December European Council

Commenting on the results of the last European Council meeting of 2018, S&D group president Udo Bullmann said: “On Brexit, the week that was supposed to be decisive has passed and nothing has...
happy christmas

S&Ds - Weekly Update. This week's highlights and what's coming up

Quote of the week S&D president Udo Bullmann on the reform of the Eurozone The Eurozone needs a meaningful budget that has the financial firepower to stabilise and foster convergence for it to be...
Euro sign and #Eurozone

S&Ds urge heads of state and government to make progress on Eurozone reforms

Ahead of the Euro Summit on 14 December, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament call for meaningful progress on the reform of the Eurozone. These demands are also echoed in a joint...
Viktor Orban in front of lots of Hungarian flags

Orbán crosses new red lines with two unacceptable bills undermining both labour rights and independence of judiciary

Today, Hungary’s Parliament passed two new laws that Socialists and Democrats denounce as completely unacceptable. First, without any real consultation procedure or parliamentary debate, its...
EP building n Strasbourg

Udo Bullmann: Europe stands united against violence and terrorism

Following an attack in Strasbourg that claimed the lives of innocent people, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann said: "The whole of our Group and the European Parliament are in shock at the...
2018 PES Congress

Kick-start for a better Europe: Socialists and Democrats endorse Frans Timmermans as Common Candidate, in Lisbon

Socialists and Democrats from all over Europe have gathered at the PES-Congress in Lisbon to discuss key issues ahead of the 2019 European elections and to acclaim the PES Common Candidate, Frans...