Initiatives and Activities

The S&D Group's MEPs work hard to support many campaigns and initiatives, highlighting important causes and bringing people together to find better solutions for the key problems we face in Europe. Read more about these activities below and find out how you can get involved.

President Pittella meets EU Commissioner Stylianides. EU leaders must commit themselves to secure more funds devoted to education in humanitarian emergencies, say S&Ds, S&D vice-presidents Enrique Guerrero Salom and Victor Boştinaru; Linda McAvan, chair o

EDUCA - an S&D initiative

The world is facing an increasing number of conflicts, natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies. Among those affected, children are the most vulnerable.A whole generation of children – especially girls and young women – face a bleak future without education.

Digital Union

An inclusive Digital Union for EuropeEurope is undergoing a digital revolution. We can see its impact on our daily lives: from online voting to faster broadband, from better ways to communicate to online shopping, and from useful digital tools to new hi-tech industries and jobs.We welcome the opportunities this revolution offers for all European citizens and want to tackle potential challenges head on.


Faced with the refugee crisis, European governments have failed miserably. While European countries bicker amongst themselves, people are dying and Europe continues to disintegrate. We, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and across Europe, call on the European heads of state and govern ment to work together to achieve real progress: 1. Humanitarian aid within EuropeEmergency humanitarian aid is needed – in Greece and elsewhere in Europe – to provide food,...