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Tax justice (Watch the video)

You have to pay your taxes, so why shouldn’t the rich and super rich, as well as big businesses, pay? We want to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes in Europe. In recent years, tax

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Final EU tax report voted: How to stop losing €825.000.000.000 a year to tax evasion

Following leadership from the Socialists and Democrats, the most ambitious report from the European Parliament so far on how to tackle tax evasion

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Socialists and Democrats want companies to pay a fair minimum effective tax rate of 18%

It is time for Europe to move towards a fairer tax system. While workers in OECD countries pay more than 25% of their wages in tax, multinationals

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S&Ds strengthen system of financial supervision in Europe

In tough negotiations, S&D MEP Pervenche Berès succeeded today in reaching an agreement between the European Parliament and member states on an EU

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Call for minimum corporate tax: S&Ds success in the fight against tax evasion, tax avoidance and money laundering in Europe

Following leadership from the Socialists and Democrats, the Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance of the European

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Socialists and Democrats have pushed to ensure fair taxation of tech giants

The Socialists and Democrats led today a broad cross-party coalition in the economic and monetary affairs committee to introduce a tax on the digital

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S&Ds deplore refusal by Appleby to meet with parliamentarians over tax evasion inquiry

A European Parliament’s delegation investigating the Paradise Papers revelations was denied a meeting with Appleby today on the Isle of Man. The S&Ds

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Fair tax must be Council's priority until the European elections

In light of recent revelations about the scope of CumEx tax fraud in Europe, and in view of an upcoming coordination meeting tomorrow between the

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Golden visa schemes put at risk the EU’s integrity and security and should be banned, say S&Ds

Today, during a hearing in the financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance committee, S&D MEPs called for more EU wide action to tackle money

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It is time for a uniform, simple and flexible VAT system to prevent fraud in Europe, say S&Ds

Today in Strasbourg, the Socialists and Democrats will present to the European Parliament two files on rules on the value added tax (VAT) system in