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S&Ds ensure a safety net for European farmers in aftermath of COVID-19

Months of negotiations on the Common Agricultural Policy transitional regulations have ended today, bringing good news for European farmers. S&Ds have

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S&Ds: In the midst of Covid-19, we ensure certainty and further funds to the EU’s agriculture sector

The committee on agriculture in the European Parliament has taken a fundamental decision in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic: adopt the transitional

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EU funds for Europeans, not for populist politicians, say S&Ds

Today in Plenary, S&D MEPs called on the European Commission to take action in the case of misuse of European funds by Czech Prime Minister Andrej

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S&Ds: EU Parliament declares climate emergency. EU must now take the lead in the fight against climate change at COP25

In the light of the crucial UN Conference on Climate Change in Madrid (COP25) from 2 to 13 December, the S&D Group has been working hard to get the

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S&Ds succeed in changing portfolio names and reinforcing the social agenda of the future European Commission, says Iratxe García

Following several days of negotiation with the president-elect of the European Commission, this morning S&D president Iratxe García received

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S&Ds urge EU Parliament to declare a climate emergency ahead of COP25

We are rapidly reaching crisis point. Time is running out. In view of the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change in Madrid (COP25), the European

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S&Ds: Saving bees from pesticides means saving our lives. Commission must assess plant protection products toxicity

Following the vote today in Plenary, the S&D Group welcomes the adoption of a joint resolution on the assessment of the impact of plant protection

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Much more detailed answers required from Mr Wojciechowski before S&Ds can consider him as Agriculture Commissioner

The Socialists and Democrats expressed disappointment following the weak performance of Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski during today’s hearing. However our


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (Watch the video)

If we do not take care of our planet today, there will be no economies and no jobs to protect tomorrow. We are setting in motion a chain of events that will lead to total and irreversible destruction

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From Hungary, Udo Bullmann will advocate a more social Europe, this Friday

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament will hold a debate with Hungarian politicians, experts and civil society in Budapest this Friday