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S&Ds condemn right-wing attempts to undermine EU consensus on Venezuela

Speaking after their abstention on the final vote on a European Parliament resolution dealing with the recent election in Venezuela, the Socialists

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Turkey must comply with European Court of Human Rights ruling and immediately release Selahattin Demirtaş

On the initiative of the Socialists and Democrats, the European Parliament is set to adopt today a resolution calling on Turkey to immediately release


Iratxe Garcia Perez ahead of inauguration of Joe Biden as new US President

Ahead of the inauguration of Joe Biden as new US President later today, the Socialists and Democrats express their belief in the strength of American

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S&Ds: New serious EU sanctions must follow if Russia does not release Alexei Navalny immediately

In today’s plenary debate, the Socialists and Democrats strongly condemned the arrest of Alexei Navalny, one of Russia’s most influential dissidents

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S&Ds: The EU Commission must step up to eradicate Covid-19 globally. This is the only way forward to get rid of this pandemic

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have been calling for an effective global health strategy for a long time. We must wipe out

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Time to clean up after Trump

The Socialists and Democrats salute the US Congress’ confirmation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s victory in the November presidential election

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S&Ds: EU Parliament condemns Egypt for blatant human-rights violations. Relationships with Cairo must be revised

Following the approval of the resolution on ‘The deteriorating situation of human rights in Egypt, in particular the case of the activists of the

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The Portuguese EU presidency will boost a response to Covid based on solidarity, says Iratxe García

Ahead of the six-month Portuguese presidency of the European Union, starting on 1 January 2021, the president of the European Parliament and the

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S&Ds strongly condemn Turkish illegal actions in Varosha, Cyprus

Today, the Socialists and Democrats supported the European Parliament’s resolution to condemn the illegal ‘opening’ of Varosha, a coastal part of the

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Ethiopia: S&Ds call for dialogue to find lasting solution and stop bloody conflict and war crimes

The European Parliament has spoken out against the armed conflict between the Ethiopian federal government and the regional administration of Tigray