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S&Ds achieve €95.5 billion for research and innovation in Horizon Europe

Under the leadership of Socialist and Democrat negotiators, members of the committee for research and industry last night agreed to seal the outcome

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Those who don’t cheat have nothing to fear! – S&Ds pave the way for banning hidden faults that reduce products’ lifespan

Products that are easier and cheaper to repair, labels that state exactly how long products should function properly and no more electrical appliances

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S&Ds push for an industrial strategy that supports the Green Deal and digital transition

The Socialists and Democrats today led a cross-party majority on a new EU industrial strategy to support the recovery of the European economy, badly

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Ban of premature obsolescence of products, and mandatory labelling on durability and reparability - S&Ds fight for ambitious Sustainable Single Market

Ahead of next week’s plenary vote, the Socialists and Democrats discussed today their position paper on the Sustainable Single Market for Consumers

Position paper

S&D Position Paper: Towards a more sustainable single market for consumers and businesses

Consumer habits and choices play a significant role in tackling climate change and environmental issues. To move towards a more sustainable

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S&Ds: EU citizens expect a safe vaccine against Covid-19 accessible for all as soon as possible

Today the committees on environment, public health and food safety (ENVI) and industry, research and energy (ITRE) organised a joint public hearing on

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S&Ds back affordable, green, efficient buildings in the EU

Ahead of the European Commission’s Renovation Wave initiative, members of the European Parliament voted, during this week’s plenary session, on a

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S&Ds call for better storage solutions and strict guidelines for European energy projects

In two important votes in Plenary today, Socialists and Democrats spearheaded the way to the alignment of the EU’s energy policy to the demands of the

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The industry of the future will be green, sustainable and social, propose S&Ds

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament put forward today a bold strategy for the EU’s industrial redress and revival. The paper adopted


A new EU long-term industrial strategy - A proposal by the Socialists and Democrats

The Covid-19 crisis has underlined the fallacies of our system and the vulnerabilities of our industry and the need to rebuild sustainably by using