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Poland: EP unites to denounce ‘serious, sustained and systemic’ breach of rule of law. Time to act!

All the pro-democracy forces in the European Parliament united today and overwhelmingly supported the report drafted by the S&D MEP and civil

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S&Ds: Moria is a shameful chapter in Europe’s migration policy that must never be repeated

In a plenary debate in the European Parliament, the S&D Group will call for urgent, humanitarian solutions to respond to last week’s devastating fires

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S&Ds back Bulgarians’ call on government to stop the violence and call fair elections

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are following the developments of the political crisis in Bulgaria with great concern. S&D MEPs

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S&Ds call for immediate evacuation of COVID-19-hit refugee camps in Greece

Following, the first COVID-19 case reported by Greek authorities in the Vial refugee camp on the island of Chios, which with 3,800 people is three

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Court ruling against Volkswagen shows pressing need for EU-wide collective redress

S&D MEPs today welcomed a ruling from the European Court of justice that confirms consumers can seek collective redress against manufacturers in the

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Criminals are lining their pockets without effective EU anti-money laundering rules

The S&D Group is calling for stronger measures to fight money laundering across the EU, including an effective sanctions regime with financial


World Refugee day 20 June - No more talk - time to act

There has been too much talking. Now it’s time to act. Millions of refugees have fled their home due to conflict, violence and suffering. Supporting

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Time pressures are UK’s choice but we will stand our ground

While the UK government is deciding not to extend the transition period, S&D MEPs remain disappointed with the lack of progress in negotiations due to

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Border responses to Covid-19 confusing and discriminatory

On the week that marks 35 years since the Schengen Agreement, S&D MEPs are disappointed with the chaotic and scattered approach from Member States

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S&D Group: UK should deliver on its promises

The S&D Group is calling on the UK Government to deliver on its commitments for a comprehensive future partnership and to keep its promises to ensure