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Pittella: Infringement procedures inevitable if Polish government continues to steer Poland away from democracy

Following today’s outcome of the College of Commissioners concerning the situation in Poland, the S&D leader, Gianni Pittella, stated: "The Polish


Country-by-Country Reporting | A Step Forward for Tax Justice

This week, S&D MEPs Evelyn Regner (Austria) and Hugues Bayet (Belgium) led a majority in the European Parliament on a compromise agreement to ensure

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S&Ds secure an ambitious compromise on increased corporate tax transparency

S&D Euro MPs Evelyn Regner (Austria) and Hugues Bayet (Belgium) today led a majority in the European Parliament on a compromise agreement to ensure

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Pittella on terrorism committee: Improving information sharing is smart. Creating an unnecessary new committee is not.

Speaking after a joint call from the leaders of the EPP and ALDE Groups in the European Parliament on creating a special committee on terrorism, S&D

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Visa reciprocity with US: Commission must act for all EU citizens or face legal action

If the European Commission refuses to meet its legal obligations and take action against the US for treating EU citizens differently when issuing

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New rules ensure consumers can access their content anywhere in EU

The European Parliament today backed new rules to ensure customers can access their online content and subscriptions when they travel to another EU

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S&Ds: EU must get tough on fake news

In today’s era of ‘alternative facts’, the left must fight back against the dangerous tide of fake news on social media. Speaking in a debate in

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S&Ds slam Germany’s car toll plans as discrimination against road users

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution criticising Germany’s plans to introduce a road toll system. The German government had introduced a

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Shareholder rights directive: victory for long-term investment over financial players just looking to make a quick buck

The European Parliament in Strasbourg today approved the Shareholder rights directive, which sets new rules for investors and listed companies in

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S&D Group: The European Court of Justice needs more female judges

S&D MEPs today demanded action from the European Council to ensure greater gender balance on the European Court of Justice. S&D MEP Mady Delvaux, who