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Now it is time to end child poverty at Porto Social Summit

With one in five children at risk of poverty in the EU, S&D Euro MPs will, in a debate this evening in the European Parliament, call on EU leaders to

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S&Ds push for EU Covid-19 certificates to end EU travel restrictions

The S&D Group has led the push in the European Parliament for an EU Covid-19 certificate that could finally help lift travel restrictions in the EU. S

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EU Space Programme 2021-2027 ready for take off

The Socialists and Democrats gave their full support to the European Union Space Programme 2021-2027, as it was adopted late yesterday evening in

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S&Ds: EU maritime transport sector must be more sustainable and contribute to the Green Deal

The European maritime transport sector plays a huge role in the EU’s economy. Hence, it should also play a leading role in contributing to the Green

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S&Ds: A stronger EU Civil Protection Mechanism to make EU’s response to future crises stronger

Solidarity is the Key. The idea itself of the European Union is based on solidarity, and solidarity is the compass that will reinforce the EU Civil

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The road to sustainable, smart and socially just mobility

Mobility is an essential part of everyday day life and affects the wellbeing of European citizens. Alongside with transport, mobility is the backbone

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S&Ds: We will not let our guard down as next chapter of EU-UK relations begins

The S&D Group will today lead the Parliament in its consent on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. While S&D Members have always considered

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S&Ds green-light money for research and innovation over the next seven years

€95.517 billion is now available to fund important research across the EU. The Horizon Europe programme has just received the green light from the

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S&D Group's Plenary Times - news on the European Parliament's Plenary session in Brussels - 26 to 29 April 2021

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S&Ds worry about business influence on financial transparency after business organisation’s meddling in draft law revealed

Reacting to the revelations in the French online media Contexte this morning that French business organisation Medef, affiliated to Business Europe