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S&D Times - Weekly Update. This Week's Highlights and What's Coming Up

Quote of the week by S&D Group president, Iratxe García: “It is time to heal the wounds and unite the country again around the rule of law, freedom

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Time to clean up after Trump

The Socialists and Democrats salute the US Congress’ confirmation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s victory in the November presidential election


What's Left E02: Preserving the Rule of Law

How to protect the rule of law in the European union? Democracy and the rule of law are the glue that holds our European community of values together


Who we are - message from Iratxe García Pérez, president of the S&D Group

This is a crucial time in Europe, for the future of both the European project and our social model. There are serious challenges that face Europe

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S&D Group welcomes announcement of EU-UK agreement

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament welcome the announcement of an agreement that is expected to deliver the necessary damage

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S&Ds: Death penalty is unacceptable. Federal executions in the US must be stopped

The Socialists and Democrats denounce and condemn with the strongest words the resumption by the United States of the executions at the federal level

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S&Ds: EU Parliament condemns Egypt for blatant human-rights violations. Relationships with Cairo must be revised

Following the approval of the resolution on ‘The deteriorating situation of human rights in Egypt, in particular the case of the activists of the

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Recovery and Resilience Facility done: “We could not allow ourselves to falter” say S&Ds

European Parliament negotiators wrapped up discussions with the Council on the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) last night, a key tool to repair

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S&Ds achieve €95.5 billion for research and innovation in Horizon Europe

Under the leadership of Socialist and Democrat negotiators, members of the committee for research and industry last night agreed to seal the outcome

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S&D Times – End of year update

What a year! Despite the unusual working conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued to fight for the interests, rights and well