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No link between EU-Turkey accession talks and refugee action plan, say S&Ds, S&D MEP and EP rapporteur Kati Piri , PKK´s return to violence, migration, asylum, Schengen area for Turkey, human rights in Turkey,

Kati Piri: Without urgent reforms, there will be no improvement in EU-Turkey relations

S&D MEP and the European Parliament rapporteur on Turkey, Kati Piri, was in the country on a fact-finding mission on 15-19 October preparing for the annual resolution on Turkey. She travelled to...

S&Ds will push for a progressive EU-Singapore trade and investment partnership

Leading S&D MEPs today welcomed the signing of the EU-Singapore free trade agreement and investment protection agreement and will now examine the final text in detail. Singapore is by far the EU’...
S&Ds outraged at the decision on new pollution limits for diesel cars, S&D Group vice-president responsible for sustainable development, Kathleen van Brempt, VW scandal, S&D Group spokesperson responsible for sustainable development, Matthias Groote, Real

The Commission's follow-up report on Dieselgate shows lack of action by member states, say S&Ds

In its recommendations of 4 April 2017 following the Dieselgate inquiry, the Parliament called on the European Commission to submit by October 2018 “a comprehensive report on the action taken by the...
People who provide humanitarian assistance to refugees should be celebrated not prosecuted

National governments again fail to provide answers on migration

S&D MEPs are disappointed by the continued failure of national governments to find lasting answers on migration. Speaking following a meeting of EU Heads of State and Government in Brussels on...
S&D Euro MPs back steps to move Europe away from austerity,  national budgetary plans for 2017, budget, Euro, EU structural and investment funds, Maria João Rodrigues, macroeconomic conditionality, Pervenche Berès, Alfred Sant,  Gianni Pittella,

S&Ds blame the conservatives and the liberals for rejecting ambitious reforms to end blind austerity

The S&Ds criticised the conservatives and the liberals for rejecting, by a tiny majority, progressive proposals on economic policies for the Eurozone. The report drafted by Costas Mavrides...
Ban zero hours contracts - delivery man on bench with bike and pizza in rucksack

S&Ds lead fight to ban zero-hour contracts and better protect vulnerable workers in the EU

Responding to the needs of vulnerable workers who are trapped in abusive, flexible contracts, the Socialists and Democrats led today in the employment and social affairs committee a majority to...