Anger at plan for sale of clone-derived food


A European Commission proposal to allow the sale of food from descendants of cloned animals sparked strong criticism in Strasbourg today from the European Parliament's main progressive group, the 184 strong Socialists and Democrats. 
Said S&D member Gianni Pittella, who leads the negotiations on novel foods on behalf of the European Parliament: "Socialists and Democrats have twice already rebuffed Commission attempts to open the market to food from cloned animals and their descendents. The Commission has now agreed to temporary suspension of the use of animal cloning for food. But this is not enough.
"Socialists and Democrats want the ban to be extended to include food from the offspring of clones. We also call on the European Commission to strengthen rules on traceability. At present, these rules do not include the need to record any reference to reproduction technology."
Said Daciana Sârbu, S&D rapporteur on novel food: "European consumers have the right to know what they are eating and to choose. As long as this right cannot be guaranteed and if there is no reliable scientific proof that these technologies pose no risks for human health or for animal welfare, a total ban on food from cloned animals and their offspring is the only acceptable proposal".
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