Today the European Commission presented its Working Programme for 2020 to the European Parliament.

After the plenary debate, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats, Iratxe García, said:

“Our major demands for the ecological, social and economic transformation that the EU needs are fairly reflected in the programme. It includes the promises made to our Group when we backed the current Commission and its guidelines and is partly due to the good cooperation between this Parliament and Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič. 

“The broad picture is there, but we will be vigilant on the implementation. There are many foreseen actions, so we will make sure that they translate into legislation.

“The Commission takes on board our demands for a Fair and Just transition, with a Green Deal that should bring well-being to all. We hope that the Council will listen both to the Commission and to this Parliament, and acknowledge that we need fresh money to ensure the smooth transition to a sustainable economic and societal model.

“If we provide the means, we can afford to be more ambitious in curbing greenhouse-gas emissions and aim for a 55% reduction target by 2030. 

“Not only do we expect proper funding for this work programme in the next Multiannual Financial Framework, but also new own resources and flexibility in national budgets for sustainable investments. My group will continue to work in order to integrate the UN SDGs in the European Semester, by putting social and ecological targets at the same level as the fiscal ones.” 

S&D Vice-President in charge of Parliamentary affairs and inter-institutional relations, Simona Bonafè, said:

"The commission accepts our call to build a Europe of solidarity with the 20 principles of the European social pillar, including a strong child guarantee and a legal instrument on fair minimum wages for all. 

"We will continue to call for an approach toward migration and asylum based on solidarity among member states. 

"When it comes to the issue of financial resources, we regret that the programme doesn't make any clear commitment on the review of European budgetary rules in order to switch from a stability and growth pact to a growth pact for stability. In this regard we call for a golden rule for member states' sustainable investment."

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