The delay in announcing the results of Presidential Elections undermines Honduras’ credibility, says Ramón Jáuregui MEP


Three days have passed since Honduras held presidential elections, and it is still unclear if the winner was Salvador Nasralla or the incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernández. The S&D MEP, Ramón Jáuregui, who co-chairs the Euro-Latin America Parliamentary Assembly (Eurolat) and was a member of the European Observation Mission to these elections denies any fraud in the process.  He also warns of the dangers that delaying the announcement may bring and demands that the High Electoral Court proclaims the final results now.


Ramón Jáuregui said:

“My impression is that the electoral process was fair and the people of Honduras voted freely.”

“However, the delay by the High Electoral Court in giving the final results of the Presidential Elections is very worrying, given that the composition of this institution is highly political. There is no technical reason to explain this delay because the acts of the 18,000 ballot tables were transmitted electronically to the High Court already on Sunday afternoon. The EU Electoral Observation Mission, chaired by Marisa Matias MEP (GUE), prepared a detailed report which should be the roadmap for pending electoral reforms.”

“On the other hand all the democratic credibility of this process, even the Honduran democratic system now depends on the High Electoral Court. This is why we ask the Court to urgently make a public statement to announce the definitive results, according to the acts sent from the ballot tables, as checked by the political parties in Honduras.”