The European Parliament committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs today rejected a draft proposal on the exchange among EU countries of air-passenger name records.
S&D Vice-President Sylvie Guillaume said:
"The PNR proposal as it stands now does not fully guarantee the protection of personal data as defined in article 8 of the EU Charter, nor does it ensure the right balance between security and fundamental rights.
"With this vote, the S&D Group warned those political forces unwilling to compromise and who tried to impose their opinion, at the expense of citizens' rights. Our concerns were reflected in the large amount of amendments tabled and need to be taken into consideration.
"Unaccustomed to severe political setbacks, the right wing made a profoundly outrageous case against the final result. Our citizens clearly have nothing to gain with holding sterile debates, based on false accusations which do not contribute to seeking a solution to this complex issue.
"The S&D Group will now take the lead to introduce substantial and not cosmetic changes to the EU/PNR system, in line with our proposals on the new EU data protection rules".
S&D rapporteur on EU/PNR Carmen Romero said:
"The rejected proposal was disproportionate to prevent new forms of crime.

"The EU security strategy cannot be based on the assumption that all citizens travelling are potential suspects. This draft directive did not provide sufficient safeguards to protect EU citizens' fundamental rights as upheld by the EU Charter and by their national constitutions.

"Any regulation of this system should remain within these limits and cannot be rushed at as a bull in a China shop".
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