European Commission responds to S&D report on co-operation with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries

European Commission follows S&D report on cooperation with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, Norbert Neuser MEP, africa, #4africa, ACP,

Following the adoption of the S&D report on the future of relations between African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP) in October, the Commission today published a communication on this topic.

European Parliament rapporteur and S&D co-ordinator for the Parliament's development committee Norbert Neuser MEP said:

“I am very happy to see that the Commission largely followed the line of my report. Notably the new architecture of an overarching umbrella platform, building on the common acquis, with regional pillars allowing tailor-made co-operation was endorsed by the Commission.

"Furthermore, as recommended in my report, the Commission is pursuing a revised, legally binding agreement that also offers the possibility to set standards on human rights, as well as social and environmental principles.”

On support for sustainable economic development in partner countries, Norbert Neuser added:

“Trade with the increasingly economically strong ACP countries, especially Africa, will continue to gain in importance. The Socialists and Democrats are keen to make this trade fair and to ensure a positive impact on our partners.

"A reformed agreement would provide the ideal framework for this. Ultimately, development assistance to the ACP countries will be less necessary in the future, and trade and joint political projects, such as the management of migratory flows, will become increasingly important.”