Tax fraud, evasion and havens is a key topic of the week with a debate in the parliament and the EU summit later this week.

The S&D Group will be focussing on this topic this week with a Live Debate during a live chat on Tuesday 21 May at 13:30 CET with the President of the Group Hannes Swoboda and Mojca Kleva Kekuš, rapporteur of a Parliamentary report to fight tax fraud, evasion and havens, on the S&D Group Facebook page


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About the report

Mojca Kleva Kekuš is the author of the report to the ECON committee setting out a framework on how to begin tackling tax fraud, evasion and havens. Her proposals suggest:

  • that the competent national and European authorities are given the right to revoke the banking license for financial institutions and financial advisors who are actively involved in tax fraud and offering its clients services that allow them to evade or elude the payment of taxes;
  • that the Member States rapidly introduce a common tax base which would unify the tax rules for companies operating in more than one Member State;
  • that the EU ensures the implementation of the EU directive on the taxation of savings which would break the banking secrecy and ensure greater transparency in the exchange of information;
  • that all multinational companies introduce mandatory reporting of operations in all countries where they are present. This will close loopholes in the tax systems that allow multinational companies to pay only a few percent of tax at the end of the year through tax planning.

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MEPs involved

SWOBODA Johannes (Hannes)
Head of delegation