The Hungarian parliament adopted a resolution today, condemning the European Parliament's report on the situation in Hungary. The report was approved by a large cross-party majority in the European Parliament's plenary session this week.

Hannes Swoboda, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, stated:

"The text that the Fidesz majority in the Hungarian Parliament adopted today is an insult to the European Parliament. It proves yet again that Mr Orbán does not understand the values – or the role of the institutions – of the European Union.

"We are expecting a statement from the leadership of the EPP Group, clarifying whether they accept that a member of their political family dismisses the role and adopted reports of the European Parliament. It is a particularly pertinent question in this case, as the report was adopted with a large majority, including a significant number of votes from the EPP Group's MEPs.

"The new-found moral standards which the EPP sternly applies to Bulgaria should surely also be applied to Hungary. Or can the EPP confirm its official double standards, including on the question of parties refusing to participate in the parliaments they were elected to?"

MEPs involved

SWOBODA Johannes (Hannes)
SWOBODA Johannes (Hannes)

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