The Group of the European People's Party, the Socialists and Democrats Group and the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament are determined to ensure the timely adoption of the legal texts linked to the long-term EU budget 2014-2020 and therefore remind the Council and the Commission of their political statements and commitments.
On June 27th 2013 the European Parliament reached an agreement at the highest political level with the Irish Presidency and the European Commission on the multi-annual financial framework (MFF) (2014-2020) package. We urge the Presidency of the European Council and the Commission to make sure that this is respected by all parties in good faith.
We are concerned with and deplore the lack of appropriate reaction from the Council to the conditions that will open the way for the adoption of the MFF, voiced by an overwhelming majority in the European Parliament in its Resolution on the MFF political agreement from 3rd July 2013.
- Democratic legitimacy: full respect of the Parliament's legislative powers:
We insist that ongoing negotiations on the different multi-annual programmes in respect of important EU policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy or regional and cohesion policies – to name just a few – fully respect the Lisbon Treaty. It is therefore not acceptable that it is deprived of its co-decision rights provided by the Treaty. The (European Council) heads of state and government legislating alone, behind closed doors, simply goes against the EU Treaty and good democratic practices.
- No to a structural deficit in the EU budget:
Our political groups call for an absolute guarantee that the outstanding excessive due payment claims for 2013 will be covered. The European Parliament clearly stated that the very low budgetary levels agreed for the next MFF do not allow entering the new period with excessive outstanding unpaid bills.  We expect the Council to endorse in full the 2013 amending budget the Commission is about to propose to meet outstanding payment needs.
- Setting the reform of the EU financing on the right track:
Our political groups urge the Council and the Commission to enter into constructive talks with the European Parliament without delay to decide on the mandate and the composition of the working group on own resources as provided in the 27th June agreement in view of meeting the deadline of a first assessment in 2014. The working group on own resources should be convened at the time of the formal adoption of the MFF Regulation.
- 2014: priority to growth and employment:
Besides the conditions that have to be fulfilled before the Parliament finalises the procedure on the MFF, we express our serious concern with Council's reading on the budget 2014. Instead of frontloading the 2014 funding for youth, small and medium enterprises and research and innovation in order to avoid a substantial decrease of funding for these policies compared to 2013, the Council practically broke this agreement, cutting commitment for these programmes and reducing by more than 1 billion EUR 2014 overall payments appropriations compared to the draft budget proposed by the Commission. Such a blunt breaking of the agreement only days after it was reached represents a provocation, which is absolutely not acceptable.

Contacts of the Groups' spokespersons:

Pedro Lopez de Pablo
EPP Group
GSM: 0032-475 49 33 52

Utta Tuttlies
S&D Group:
GSM: 0032-473-85 34 07

Neil Corlett
ALDE Group
GSM: 0032-478-78 22 84

MEPs involved

SWOBODA Johannes (Hannes)

SWOBODA Johannes (Hannes)


S&D press contact

Tuttlies Utta
Head of Department



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