Today Socialists and Democrats in the all-party environment committee in the European Parliament welcomed the vote on a revision of the CO2 emissions target. The new limit of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre from 2020* will help the EU reduce road transport pollution and consumption as oil prices continue to soar.
S&D shadow rapporteur Mario Pirillo said:
"The new legislation will improve the environmental impact of road traffic. It will also take the EU into a virtuous circle of investments in low-carbon technologies and job creation, keeping the EU as a leader in a globally competitive and environmentally-friendly car industry.
"The long-term target for 2025 offers a stable horizon for producers and investors.
"The new rules for 2020 will also bring more transparency to the market, because citizens will have the right to know exactly how much fuel the car they want to buy consumes. So they will be able to make choices based on real information."
S&D spokesperson on environmental issues, Euro MP Linda McAvan, said:
"More energy-efficient cars mean that drivers will save money in fuel. Evidence shows that through the 95g target drivers will save up to €344 annually for petrol and €465 for diesel."
* Since 2006 an emission level of 160g CO2/km has applied and from 2015 a 130g/km target will be applied. The current revision restates the 95g/km target for 2020 and sets a range of 68g-78g for 2025.
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