European Socialists and the Italian Partito Democratico today officially established the second largest political group in the European Parliament – The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.
The 183–strong group then elected German politician Martin Schulz as its leader.
Mr. Schulz set out three key challenges for the new group – to ensure greater social justice in Europe, to enhance democracy and to protect human dignity in the face of growing extremism across the continent.
Said Mr. Schulz: "It is up to us to ensure that Europe becomes fairer than it is now. If we don't do something about it, nobody else will.
"We need to improve the performance and visibility of the new Parliament so that people know what we do".
He added: "This Parliament has more right wing extremists than any other Parliament before it. The fight for human dignity and respect for minorities has to be carried through by our political movement".
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